Binchotan deodorizer Bag (KM01)

Binchotan deodorizer bag is made from one hundred percent Binchotan charcoal which help absorbing all odors including leftovers, spoiled produce or food with distinctive smells inside your refrigerator or frezeer.

Binchotan deodorizer box (KM02)

Binchotan charcoal contains millions of extremely small holes. It acts like a sponge, absorbing odors and moisture in the air. When the air goes through the holes, all smell, moisure and bacteria will be held, helping car space, wardrobes, shoe...

Binchotan charcoal (TN01)

Truong Nam Binchotan charcoal does not create smell or smoke when burned. It has high calorific and long buring time. Binchotan helps keeping the flavor of the grilled foods. Binchotan charcoal is an ideal charcoal for family use in both...

Binchotan bar from 20-40 cm length (TC01)

Binchotan emits negative ions while purifying and balancing moisture in the air. It even absorbs electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies. Radio waves and radiation refract countless times as they pass through binchotan, until they weaken.

Binchotan bar (B01)

Truong Nam Binchotan charcoal is made from plantation wood such as eucalyptus, with the carbon content of coal is over 92%.

Grinded Binchotan (B03)

Add grinded Binchotan to the soil as an enricher. Binchotan will helps balancing moisture in soil, enrich the soil fertility, which helps plants grow better.